Where To Buy – Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Rewind UH70120

If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner that matches up to, but doesn’t quite have the same breath taking price tag as a Dyson vacuum cleaner, then I would like to strongly recommend this vacuum from Hoover. The Hoover UH70120 WindTunnel is a machine that comes with a wide array of features and functions, and I have recently had the pleasure of using this very nice piece of kit. In this short review I would like to detail my experiences with the Hoover UH70120 and talk about who I think it is most suitable for and why it matches up to the Dyson.


The price is the first thing I think we need to draw attention to. At about 100 dollars the Hoover machine comes in at about 25% the cost of the equivalent Dyson machine. Of course it is true that you can find Dyson machines a little cheaper, but in your average store you will see price tags soar about 400 dollars. So, I’ve established the price difference, but how do the features compare.

While I won’t deny, that you would be hard pushed to find a Dyson customer unhappy with the suction strength, I think that the Hoover WindTunnel technology has something to be said for it. Over the last few weeks that I have been using this machine I have seen very nice results getting dog hair off my sofa, I had been using a handheld for this task up until now, I’m very happy with the ease that this thing gets rid of those nasty hairs.


Some of the extra features that this machine has are the “cord-rewind” function, which means that even though the power cord is 27 foot long, the effort of wrapping it around the vacuum cleaner is taken out of the equation. The cord gets “rewound” back into the chamber for storing it. The only gripe that I might have with this vacuum is the fact that it is situated at the bottom of the vacuum so it can sometimes lead to the cord getting tangled underneath.

In conclusion then, I would like to recommend this as the perfect alternative to a Dyson vacuum cleaner. If you really do have 400 dollars plus to spend on a Dyson, then by all means, but for all of you out there on any kind of budget, this vacuum cleaner should meet up to any expectations you might have.

Thanks very much for reading this Hoover UH70120 review.

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