Who Makes The Best Vacuum Cleaner?

The best vacuum cleaner is a matter of personal choice but when you are looking for a new vacuum cleaner, you want the best. Many people assume that manufacturers of popular brands, such as Dyson, make the best vacuum cleaners. However, when the biggest brand names produce a wide range of vacuum cleaners at all price points, which is the best one for you?
Here are a few tips to help you decide who makes the best vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning Power:


Who Makes The Best Vacuum Cleaner?

Everyone wants to a vacuum cleaner that cleans well. This is decided by the amps rating. Although actual cleaning power also depends upon how much time you spend going over especially dirty areas, in general, the higher the amp rating, the more suction, or cleaning power, a vacuum has. Dyson upright vacuum cleaners, such the DC07, all have 12 amps, which results in very powerful suction and superb cleaning.

Bag less or Not:

During the cleaning process, dust and dirt is sucked into a bag, for those models which have them. Bags allow for superb cleaning power immediately after a new bag has been installed, but the cleaning power decreases as the bag fills. And as not every vacuum cleaner has an obvious indicator showing when the bag needs replacing, your vacuum cleaner may be operating on less than optimal performance without you knowing. Not the best result for a vacuum cleaner!
In contrast the bag less cyclonic system, such as that used by all Dyson vacuum cleaners, means that there is no loss of suction. The dirt is simply sucked into a canister. This is wonderful because you have the added reassurance of seeing the canister fill with the dust and dirt as it comes out of your carpets. You can find the best canister vacuum and reviews at Best Vacuum World.
Furthermore, if you choose the bag less option, you do not have the extra expense of buying vacuum bags. If you don’t think this is a significant point, consider this. Dyson was not the first manufacturer to discover the bag less technology! However Hoover admitted that they did not pursuer the technology because they were making too much money from selling bags!

Filter Type:

All vacuum cleaners are fitted with filters these days. However, the best vacuum cleaners are fitted with filters that improve the air quality do that the air expelled is actually purer than the air sucked in! The best system is probably the High Efficiency Particle Air (HPEA) filter used in upright vacuum cleaners, such as the Dyson DC07. The downside of the HPEA is that the resultant vacuum may be a little bit more expensive than lesser models using a low-end filter.
Dyson vacuum cleaners have been endorsed by the British Allergy Association. These vacuum cleaners significantly lower the concentration of allergens, such as pollen and microscopic particles as they clean. This makes Dyson vacuum cleaners the best on the market.

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