Euro-pro Shark S3501 – Review

Hello and welcome to this review of the Euro-pro Shark S3501 Deluxe Steam Pocket Mop. Over the course of the next page or so I would like to try and bring you all up to speed with this machine and hopefully allow you to reach the stage where you can confidently decide whether this is the machine for you or if you could well be better looking for a slightly cheaper mop.

I want to start by going over the pros of this machine and close with a brief run through of the cons, because in this reviewers opinion there aren’t really that many. If you were to compare this mop to a lot of the other mops that you can find at the moment you might think that it is a little expensive and I do agree that paying over 100 dollars for a mop “seems” expensive. But you are definitely getting something pretty special here with this. The water tank is clearly larger than its rival mops, and because of this we get a longer time able to use the steam function.


It also has a longer cord, a full 30 foot cord here and while this is seemingly just a superficial point, the fact that it has plenty of length on the cord means that we can use this machine without an extension cord and cut out the time needed to plug and unplug the extension. The cleaning cloth covers the entire head, and because we can flip the head we can mop for longer without having to change the cloth.

The initial setup of the machine is very easy and I don’t think many people will even need to read the user manual when setting up this mop. The overall construction of the unit is reasonable, although I do think that the plastic used could have been a little stronger, while this should have a pretty decent lifespan it could have been extended some.

The fact that it cleans so well across the majority of household surfaces is what attracted me to this mop in the first place. Before, while I could use my mops for cleaning the hardwood no problem at all, I had to use sponges to properly clean the tiles in the kitchen, the mops just wouldn’t get down into the cracks properly, this mop will.

In conclusion, I would say that even though this mop is a little on the pricy side, I would say if you are after a steamer mop that can do it all, this well could be the mop for you.


Thanks very much for taking the time to read this article.

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